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Important Document & Courier Delivery

Just like you, we don’t like to keep our clients waiting. When you need day-definite and time-definite guaranteed delivery of urgent documents, you can count on our full range of overnight services to get them there.

Our team acknowledges how important it is to know where your order is, and technology allows us to provide that information. We will email its status through every step of the process including order submission when the order has been picked up and by which driver, and when the order was delivered and who signed for it. We can even provide order history of your past transactions.

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Overnight Medical Delivery Courier

Sometimes it easier to stay home and get your alcohol, food, and documents delivered to or from home. Whatever it may be, give us a call to see about our overnight, late night, and daily delivery services. Medical overnight services are also included for Assisted Living Homes and Prescott Drug Rehab Centers who need the convenience of late night delivery services.

Like other industries, there is so much more than meets the eye to medical couriers and the assistance they can bring to any medical setting, including logistical support. Medical logistic services are an essential part of any healthcare provider’s team, as it helps streamline and create effective processes that support staff to ensure they have the appropriate supplies, equipment, and more.

Choosing a medical courier service can feel challenging, but there are some companies like Fleet Couriers who are willing to offer a new level of service to help. Not only are medical deliveries through Fleet always HIPAA, DOT, and OSHA-Compliant, but we are also available 24/7/365 for any of your emergency services and needs.

In addition to these critical services, we also have the resources and ability to provide routine or scheduled medical deliveries depending on your specific demand, and our fully-trained staff has delivered to a variety of healthcare settings with different regulations and requirements. From administrative documents to financial services and regular mail delivery, we are fully equipped to be your go-to for any and all medical and non-medical courier services.

About Prescott:

The historic and charming town of Prescott is a beauty to behold. During the months of summer, along Main Street, sunlight filters through the lush trees and on the grounds of the log cabin mansion and an office of the first Territorial governor which are part of the 3 and a half acre of the compound of Sharlot Hall Museum. The city historic buildings, museums, and homes give you feeling and opportunity to travel back in time. Prescott AZ is some of the most desired in the country with wonderful year-round weather and small-town community feel.

The town of Prescott is an epitome of what an American storybook hometown should look, and is also the best-preserved town in Arizona with over 500 buildings on National Register of Historic Buildings. In fact, the Palace Saloon located on Whiskey Row claims that it used to serve Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday



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